The Journey

Jan. 1997: 
We celebrated my precious son’s 6th birthday a few days after<br>I arrived home from undergoing brain surgery. I was ecstatic to be alive.<br>And best of all, I knew for the first time I really belonged to Jesus. Nov. 1997:
Bruce and I are very happily wedded!! May 2003: 
Started ministering in prison facilities<br>throughout the Carolinas (and have never stopped) Jan. 2003 – April 2013: Helping others with inner healing<br>and deliverance through the Cleansing Stream seminar Oct. 2004 – Feb. 2008: Outreach and medical missions <br>to Guatemala & church planting in Mexico March 2006 – Dec. 2010: Entered into full-time ministry as a director<br> for The Father’s Heart Ministries, working with over 100 volunteers June 2008: Graduated from bible college, Life Christian University 2009 – 2014: Regional intercession across the SouthEast<br>with Carolina Strategic Prayer Alliance 2010: Internships at the House of Prayer. <br> Encounter with Jesus where he commissions me with a message ... 
Jan. 2011: Started Loving God First ... March 2012: Ordination with Barbara Wentroble of Intl. Breakthrough Ministries July 2013 – April 2015:
Serving on the bench of Heaven’s Call March 2016:
Ascending with Mystic Mentoring in Christ<br>Raising up the Sons of God


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