We want to THANK ALL who Attended the AgapeLife Gathering.
What a blessing it was!

Special thanks to our guests Kirby and Fiona de Lanerolle and Joseph Sturgeon.
Concord North Carolina will never be the same.



Kirby and Fiona are the Pastors of WOW! (which stands for “Works of Wonder”) Congregation in Sri Lanka, in response to the wonderous works of God in a community of believers.

Kirby and Fiona de Lanerolle’s lives are exactly that…Kirby’s grandfather was a Methodist priest and parents business people who were charismatic church planters. Kirby was very close to his grandfather who encouraged him to lay hands and pray for healing from the age of 7.

Kirby de Lanerolle is currently 40 years old and has walked in influence and impacted both the government and corporate world. At 22 Kirby founded Ambassador Tea, a tea export and packaging company that won the medium scale export award for value addition. Kirby was a partner and instrumental in setting up the $25 million “state of the art” Alokozay Tea plant in Jebel Ali, UAE in 2003. They also partner and own a large food fish farm in Sri Lanka pioneering the hatching of sea bass for the first time in commercial quantities.

Visit the WOWLife website

Joseph lives in Birmingham Alabama and travels the world speaking internationally while administrating the will of the Father. He is the author of two books in a series called "Treasures of Darkness." The first book called "Chronicles of a Seer" is a journey of love into discovering the armor of light and the second, "Echoes of a Father" is a journey into exploring relationship with Men in White Linen. Joseph is passionate about exploring the mysteries of Heaven and seeing the patterns discovered there revealed in the Earth.

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